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MASAMI HAWAII☆☆Love Hearling Mermaid Jewelry

☆ educe your Elagant Beauty...☆with Atlantis LOVE ☆

Send with Hawaiian MANA☆☆☆


Aloha! My name is MASAMI.I'm from Japan.

I love Hawaiian beautiful mana healing energy,Island and people  so I moved to HAWAII with my twinsister Satomi and my cat Anela and dog Leia.

I like magical,Mermaid,Elegant Beauty and organic natural things.I'm Vegan.

I learned about Hawaiian mana Healing , Angel card reading ,egypitian healing,sedona healing, Reikiheaking,Angel pastel art and storne jewelry.

I'm making Healing jewelry,Angel card reading and  healing therapy since 2010.

and I'm teaching how to make Mermaid Love magical mermaid jewelry.

The feature of my mermaid goddess jewley are using something natural and having powerful Princess Love energy and good quality as Sunriseshells,Niihau shells,stones...and I'm using 14kt Gold Filled wire.

I'm making Jewery with Beautiful Mermaid.Mermaid always teach me  how to make and elect design.

After making Jewelry,before sending to customer ,I put Mermaid Goddess love energy to mermaid jewelry for your dream  come true and coming a lots good beautiful luck.

My mermaid Jewelry educe your Elegant Beautiful...

You are always Very Beautiful and Elegant Princess☆☆

You are The most Beautiful Princess in the world☆

Love yourself ,Love your spirit..don't worry!! Everyone loves you a lots always☆

Love is around you ☆ You have a lots Beautiful love☆

from Mermaid ,Goddess,Angel and fairy☆


If you have any question,Please send E-mail to  me.



Mahalo Nui Loa!




I send  anywher but No return and No exchange No refund for keeping hygienic condition and quality of jewlery.


☆peyment method

VISA , MASTER CARD ,JSB credit card,Amazon,paypal、apple pay


Now,I don't have Jewelry store,my jewelry are available exclusively online.

You can not touch Jewelry in your hands but don't worry..! Jewley are finding you☆☆

Sunriseshell ISIS Mermaid necklace☆


Vegan☆Hathor Mermaid earrings☆

Elegant Mermaid earrings☆


MASAMI☆  Satomi☆(My twin sister Satomi and My Angels Anela and Leia)


Anela☆            Leia☆

Love and Happy